Climate Torch

To solve the climate crisis, we will need a movement unprecedented in Australia's history. To mobilise this movement, GetUp has invented a new device to respond to the climate crisis. You can hold it in one hand. It combines solar power, a wind-turbine, and.... a lemon.
It's our climate torch, designed exclusively for GetUp by the creators of the Sydney Olympic torch, and with your help we'll take it to a hundred towns, cities and suburbs across Australia - before arriving in Canberra (LiveJasmin), where thousands of GetUp members will present it directly to Parliament. Click below to get a first glimpse of what it looks like, and to nominate your town to host it.

No government will ever soar higher than its citizens demand - and most will sink as low as we allow. Now more than ever we must demand this government soars above political spin and vested interests - high enough to provide the climate leadership we need over these coming months when Australia's response to climate change will be locked in.
We have a vision for this torch relay. As it travels around Australia, GetUp members (JasminLive) will collect tens of thousands of submissions to the government's climate policy consultation: an unprecedented flood of public opinion. Our leaders need to hear from us - from your town, city and suburb - because industry lobbyists (live jasmin) will win this fight if we don't.
Click below to see the torch and nominate your community for a leg of the first ever Climate Torch Relay:
After nominating your area you can volunteer to run the torch, or help organise the torch leg in your town. We can only bring the torch to your town if it will be supported on the ground, so register your help today!
To a renewable future,
The GetUp! team